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• We bring our studio to you, along with a professional make-up artist, business clothing, jewelry, ties, etc. We set up in your conference room our outdoors and take the photos of the agents for their business cards and promotional materials all in fifteen minutes! We are offering digital photography also so that you can view your photos immediately.


Please call Taki Kenney if you have any questions at 818-715-9829 or 818-288-8116 ( cell/text), and we will get back to your right away. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks for your help in making our tour a success!

Best Regards,

Marketing Manager

* Many offices also invite other professionals they know, i.e. mortgage bankers, title reps, etc. Please feel free to include whomever you like. We can also send agents to you from other branch offices.

P.S. Sean Kenney's Biz Photo is recommended by hundreds of managers all over the country. We are approved vendors of many large corporations and we'd be happy to provide you with a list or any further information.

Taki Kenney